Thursday, 26 June 2014

Posh new car seat! (and other things that happened today!)

Little princess seemed unimpressed at first!
Me, Elliott and Harper went to our local MASSIVE Mothercare to shop for car seats today, opportune timing considering it's belt-up Britain week and they have a sale on, and I do so love a bargain. I was not expecting the super bargain I got today, however! We've been planning on getting a carseat that stays in our car for a little while, so the belt-up britain thing seemed a good time to go and look! Weeeeellll, let me tell you a thing. I was correct, very good for me, for our bank balance and most importantly of course, for Harper's safety in the car.
We were looking at the Britax first class one at first, or the joie one that I forget the name now, they didn't rear-face for too long though which put us off a little bit.
She soon fell asleep though
Then, the lovely, lovely lady we were talking to said 'Oh! We have a car seat that's been reduced from £389 to just £88!' I thought I'd miss-heard at first, but she took us round the corner to a lovely Besafe izi combo car seat and sure enough, it was £201 cheaper than it;s original price purely because it's belt-fitted and not isofix. This car seat rear faces until little lady is FOUR, it has so much leg-room between the back and the chair itself so it's nice and spacious and it looks really comfy too (I'd quite like one myself to be honest) - another thing I like, that is perhaps a little less important than it's over all safety is that it has magnets. Magnets that hold the harness to the side when you put baby in the seat! Which you know... Simple things please simple minds, and I still reckon I have a touch of the ol' baby brain. I'm pretty sure that my brain's gone on holiday for the past three months... So, after our amazing saving we had a little bit of our original budget to spare on weaning spoons shaped like aeroplanes (adorable) and a super cute sleeping bag...And maybe a couple of toys. So little miss has been thoroughly spoiled today, but she's appreciated everything so far today, and has been enjoying sitting up in her donut ring with all her toys. She's suddenly decided that holding her own toys is the best thing ever (though that doesn't mean she's not more interested in playing with her dress, however).
Mummy isn't ready for this sort of independence!
In other news, Harper held her bottle herself for the first time today! We also got her weighed today, and at 14 weeks and 1 day Harper weighs a very healthy 14 pounds, meaning that she's put on half a pound a week since she was last weighed.
All in all, today's been a pretty good day, the new pram is a huge improvement and we got a shopping trip in without her crying again! Second time this week, we've cracked it!

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