Sunday, 29 March 2015

Food for thought...

I think they should make an attachment parenting bingo!

We have a one year old!

On the 19th it was Harper's first birthday! This bog has become somewhat neglected as late but a lot has kind of changed or been affirmed but more on that later...
My baby is ONE! That went so fast I barely had time to blink! My tinker is now standin, crawling as causing all sorts of havoc and I don't think it'll be long until my baby is a toddler (she's not a toddler yet babycenter stop telling me she is!!)
She had a wonderful day and was very, very spoiled by the whole family and will have a lot of things to do outside this summer and I can't wait!
She's learning new things every day and she keeps growing over night I'm sure of it - she blows kisses, sings twinkle twinkle with the actions and incy wincy spider and if you're happy and you know it - she also likes to clap herself when she's finished. She points to people if you ask where they are and she barks when you ask her what noise a doggy makes (she also barks if you ask her what noise a kitty makes, but you know...) she has taken one step but hasn't done so since and really I'm not too bothered she will do in time and she's difficult enough to keep up with these days as it is!
She is an entertaining little character as well and she knows what she wants (and doesn't too) and she is growing in front of me and I'm so lucky to get to watch it all happen!