Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas, Tula love and a little bit ofweight loss!

Our OTW Tula, isn't it gorgeous??
Wow, I have somewhat abandoned this for a little while, but everything's been going in a little bit of a whirl lately, and Harper is taking much more watching and chasing... She is learning something new every single day and getting cheekier with it by the minute! My previous post talked a bit about our new tula, that we got in November, we have since added another to our arsenal and there is another on the way - but we will be selling the first to make room for it soon. We have used the pram once since November, ONCE. I keep the pram on stand by purely because I still have problems with my back and hips post partum (the joys of an epidural where my back's concerned but we're still trying to work out just how to fix the hip thing...)
ANYWAY, Harper will not sleep when we are out normally, she will get tired and whinge because she won't sleep but she won't sleep no matter how tired she is - at least not in the pram and I think has only done it once since she was a newborn and slept all the time anyway. Well, the babywearing has changed that, and she will get tired (and a little grabby with her tiny knife fingernails) and then she will put her head on my chest and fall asleep, leaving me to do my food shopping in peace without worrying whether people are getting irritated at a baby crying - which I know I shouldn't worry about, but I do - we quite often get comments saying how happy she is and how smiley she is, and she is happy, she is happy that she gets to look about when we're walking, she's happy that she gets to grab me in the face as we're walking, she's happy that she's close to me or her Daddy! What baby wouldn't be? We do of course get less polite comments, one tat stuck out to me was 'she'll never learn to walk if you're carrying her!' - ONE: She is NINE MONTHS OLD we aren't quite aiming for that yet and TWO: How would she be learning to walk if she was in a pram? But blah to the naysayers, we have happier baby and a happier mummy too because it makes trips out much less stressful.

Harper's Evil grin!
Nearly two months have passed since my last post, in which Harper was 8 months, she's now 9 and a adorable), she waves to everyone for everything, and she waves a little bit like the queen which is funny, she claps and thinks she's clever - she claps when she's pooped now too, which is... something? She has the cheekiest smile you've ever seen, and she also has an evil grin, which entertains the family no end! She is growing and learning before my very eyes, and in a way it's affirming that I am doing something right for her, which is very reassuring!
half months, starting to get herself around a room (I don't know how), pull herself up to stand (or for a cuddle, which is
Speaking of me! I started Slimming World on the 26th November, so it's now been almost 6 weeks - and I have lost 14 and a half pounds! I have a long way to go until target, but it's feeling much more reachable now than when I started! I guess my competitive streak helps in that I want to be getting slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month (I have gotten slimmer of the week twice, and my first month I got slimmer of the month, result!).
Anyway, I am going to leave this here until the next time - hopefully before Harper's first birthday... I can't believe how soon that's going to come up! We are moving her to a bigger bedroom and decorating it for her so she can fit all her Christmas presents in it - honestly I have never seen (or heard) so many toys!
Harper playing with her shape sorted and being taught by her cousin - she loved Christmas!