Saturday, 21 June 2014

What a long week!

This week really has dragged by, it feels like each day was actually 48 hours each - which makes a change, usually there aren't enough hours in the day! Harper had her injections on Thursday so we've been kind of taking it easy since, though, thus far she's a lot better than she was last time! She's much more herself bar a bit of a tummy ache and a little temperature last night (nothing a little calpol didn't fix).
Excuse the litter tray!!
After her injections we went to collect her new buggy, because she seems to hate her silvercross one... She cries EVERY TIME we leave the house, which is nice, fun and not even a little bit stressful and I love taking her out it's a treat; but I digress - the new pram, the Babystyle Oyster seems to be going quite well! It parent faces which I think has made all the difference for her. I don't think she liked facing out and she got a little overstimulated looking out at everything, meaning that she didn't sleep even though she was tired. I got it for a steal on ebay, and it came with a lovely turquoise blue seat cover and hood, but I got a nice black and white spotty one for Harper because I want to put a nice pink bow on the hood... Before she does what I did as a child and refused to wear anything remotely pink or 'girly'. Aaaanyway, I love it. Love love love it. It's tiny when it's folded up, it fits beautifully in our boot, it's really easy to fold and unfold and also I love it. Did I already say that? Because I do. It's so light to push, and I like that it's parent facing because I can see Harper's face and hopefully avoid a meltdown before it happens! I would say that it's well worth the money brand new, purely for how compact and light it is - and all the customisation options! You can even get completely personalised ones in fabrics of your choice online, though I can't really justify spending that much money when I could make a bow and harness covers myself really! So we have a much happier mummy and a much happier Harper too when we go out! (So far at least!)

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