Thursday, 19 June 2014

Review: Wyatt's Little Cavern striped scented candle

Firstly, I'll start by saying that this review is not sponsored in any way. No money or goods have been exchanged for this review, it's simply my own opinion of a beautiful handmade product I bought from a lovely page on Facebook!

My candle from Wyatt's Little Cavern arrived yesterday and I opened the box and immediately smelled Chocolate orange. Unfortunately chocolate orange is what I have craved since (and the craving is yet to be satisfied) so I am concerned that I'll burn it all and end up the size of a small apartment building! It just smells so delicious you want to eat it - I've not tried, probably won't, but I don't think it would taste as good as it smells... It came beautifully wrapped up with a handwritten note including a code for money off my next order - which will be placed!
The candle (as you can see) looks fabulous, it goes beautifully with my purple living room, and it makes the whole room smell absolutely gorgeous, even when it's not lit. Kayleigh is also very professional and friendly and you get your candle really, really quickly - which is even cooler knowing that she makes each one specifically for you by hand. I could not be happier with the service or the product and can 100% recommend that you buy candles from this lovely lady. She does so many different scents and colours completely specific to what you want made, at an absolutely fantastic price. My candle cost me £3 in a flash sale she had on the site, and I have been back and bought more of them (one in a jar, and another rose tin candle) that cost me £13 for both, including postage and packaging (which, have I mentioned was lovely? Because it was).I would say that the price is pretty damn good, considering how heavy jar candles are! You'll know just how good a price that is if you are a fan of scented candles - a small Yankee jar candle would probably set you back more than that just for one! So move over Yankee! I think I'll be buying my candles from here from now on!

If you are interested in buying from Wyatt's Little Cavern please click the following banner and it will take you directly to the page:

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