Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Feeling crafty!

Over the weekend I've been busy painting and making, some for customers, some for Harper... 4 for Harper. I've been hand painting baby clothes for a little while now and people seem to enjoy them so I thought I would share them with you too!
I'm going to get round to making a Facebook Page for it at some point, but obviously it's a bit difficult to find the time between looking after Harper, sorting my house (which takes an unfortunate back seat... oops) and updating on here, I need to think of a name for it really because it's something I really enjoy doing! If you see anything you like here, or have any other requests I'll absolutely give it a go! I love Adventure Time myself, so the yellow and purple bodysuits were already assigned a character each and then I got a bit carried away and made two more for her as well... If you would like something made for your little one you can email me here!
Just for reference, here's how the Lumpy Space Princess one looks on:
Isn't my model cute?

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