Friday, 4 July 2014

Time flies when you're having fun... Or even if you're not apparently!

I'd say TGI Friday, but we woke up this morning to find a paddling pool had been installed on our kitchen floor courtesy of our boiler and washing machine. I think the two may be related or it's just really bad luck - but it's not really the kind of thing you want to be finding first thing in the morning. So, we've rang up and we're getting someone round to fix that today, but in the meantime I've got my biggest saucepan under the pipe. Joy.
The bouncer and I have a
love-hate relationship.
Anyway, I can't believe it's already Friday, this week has gone so quickly! We've had highs and lows this week, mostly in the space of a few hours. For those who follow me on Instagram will have seen my excited post about how Harper was asleep in her crib! In her crib! She has been going through a bit of a stage lately, where she will not sleep in anything but her bouncer, the thing has become the bane of my life quite frankly even though it does allow me to get a full night's sleep, it's not a guilt-free night's sleep because I feel bad for letting her sleep for so long in it. Well, she slept in her crib on Wednesday night, not for as long as I'd have liked, but sleep she did - and it felt like a huge victory as I fell asleep without guilt for the first time in about 3 weeks. Well, it did until she woke up at 4am wanting to play leaving nothing less than trunks under my eyes for the rest of the day afterwards. 
Other than sleeping adventures and paddling pools, we've made great progress in the whole grabbing stuff idea. She particularly enjoys Mummy's hair (that is in desperate need of a cut right now), especially when Mummy is caught unawares in the middle of a nice blowing raspberries on the tummy game! She also enjoys Daddy's chest hair and bracelets. It's good though because we were beginning to worry that she wasn't showing any interest in grabbing things for herself, but she's getting there with it. She gets so excited that she's holding something that she flaps and then flings it quite fast in whatever direction she might be facing - she did the very same thing with her bottle yesterday in fact, and hit the cat who was not even a little bit impressed.
She's also making real progress with sitting with support, she's been able to do it for a little while, but she's noticeably stronger now and holding her head with really good control - she also gets very excited about sitting and celebrates her achievements by shouting, loudly and for a long time. Very exciting apparently, as you can see to the left!

Oh! I nearly forgot! I bought a cover for Harper's NHS red book, and it is adorable! Make it look a little something different and it won't get lost! I love it, and when we're done using it it'll be going in Harper's memory box for her to look at when she's a bit bigger. I've started a memory box for her to look at when she's older, I'll probably go through the contents of it another time, but I hope that one day she'll appreciate it anyway! A bit like the cat we did of her foot that she definitely did NOT appreciate at the time. I digress, if you would like a red book cover, check out Hannah's Red Book Covers on Facebook, just click on the name and it'll take you straight there!

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  1. Oh no!, hope you have the leak sorted. Our bloody boiler always has something wrong with it :/ Also, GO HARPER! Sleeping in her crib and what not :D