Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review: Annabel Karmel Quick & Easy weaning

All you need to know about feeding
your baby in the first year
I received this in the post today, and while Harper was sleeping I had a little looksee through it. Bearing in mind Harper is only 4 months next Saturday, she's not quite ready for weaning, but with the wealth of information out there about weaning it's probably a good thing that I'm looking now and not in 2 months. It's all a little overwhelming, and that's what makes this book so good. It's not a thick book, it's not an overly wordy book and it's simple; quick and easy just like the title suggests. The beginning has a lot of information about the whole weaning process, what kinds of vegetables and fruits are best to begin with, and why they're best to use. This is all before the recipes too, (which are fabulous, by the way!) but there are meal plans for the beginning of weaning and as baby gets older and you start to introduce more than one solid meal per day. It's set out nicely, and it's really easy to have a little flick through when you don't have time to have a real read of a book - which, let's face it, if we've got babies we're about to start weaning, we don't have the time to sit and read among the million other things we have to do! It's full of useful information, but it's compacted in to little chunks that are easy to read through but still get all the information you need on hand. The recipes are simple, quick and easy and can all be frozen in an ice cube tray for later use. The first tastes ones are nice and simple and look like they'd be lovely for any little one, especially as far as veggies go - it shows lots of different veggies and fruits that one might not eat if they were fussy so it's good to introduce a really little one to them nice and early in a bid to make sure they're not such fussy eaters as they grow up! The later recipes after the first tastes are fantastic though! Looking through them made me quite hungry thinking about them. Being a foodie myself, I enjoy cooking and making nice meals for myself and my husband, so weaning and cooking for Harper when she's bigger is something that I am quite looking forward to; and making more interesting foods that I can eat too? Sounds ideal to me! We can all have healthy meals, though Harper's will have to be a little squishier than ours of course. When I start using the recipes I will be posting reviews and thoughts about them too, but that won't be for a couple of months... All the same, I heartily recommend the book for the mum (especially the first time mum, like me) who's about to start weaning, it's got some good, clear, information in it and I enjoyed flicking through the recipes thinking about what I'm going to make first! (I am half tempted to make some now and freeze them for later...)

 Disclaimer: A copy of this book was sent to me through a PR contact via Tots100, no monetary exchange has taken place.

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