Friday, 22 May 2015

#frankiefox, crafty hooking and Sarah and Duck!

Frankie is a very
handsome fox!
We've been trying to go on an adventure a week - especially now we have Frankie Fox in tow (I'll introduce him in a minute). We've been getting the small one out and about now she's more interested in things, and she is a particular fan of the great outdoors (read: trees. leaves, dogs) and while she's not walking it's nice to pop her in the tula or a wrap and let her look around while I have a nice long walk through a forest, park or field while we have the dog.
It's been nice to spend time as a family as well, and spending our time outside is even nicer, especially as the weather seems a lot better at the moment.
Spotted: Baby Gruffalo
Anyway, We (read: Harper) picked up a little stuffed fox toy in our local Morrisons and at a fiver, I couldn't really say no, I'm quite partial to a cute fox toy anyway! So we picked him up and paid for him and he has since been christened Frankie Fox and taken everywhere with us. Everywhere, we have even tried putting Frankie fox down the toilet for an exploratory mission - thankfully he was caught in the nick of time because I can't imagine that would have made for very nice pictures... I have started a little hashtag on twitter to document his whereabouts, if you want to see what he's been up to check out #frankiefox
We have been to the seaside, we have been in the garden and we have been to a
HUGE country park near us on a gruffalo hunt (which was enjoyed all the more by Harper off-roading in her smart trike - not a smart idea at all)
Frankie at the beach
It's so nice to get outside after months of dreary, grey, wet and cold crappy weather, and it's nice to appreciate the sunshine (while we get it) with Harper this year as well - even if it would be much easier if she would just walk already! She's taken a few steps but she's just not interested, and to be fair if I could get away with not walking, I would too!
I have also very recently learned to crochet! And I have a BIG project on the go at the moment, but can't show you until the luck recipient has received his present (for father's day, not long so I had better get a wiggle on) and I am going to be making Harper some Sarah and Duck toys because it is a fabulous cartoon and I love it - Harper isn't bothered one bit, but I need an excuse and a 14 month old who enjoys a little bit of cbeebies is the perfect one! Really though, if you haven't checked out Sarah and Duck yet, do! It's like a bunch of hipsters made a cartoon for their little hipster children and it's just adorably obscure and witty and I actually enjoy it more than my child, so it's got the grown up factor in there too, it's fab and I love it!

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