Saturday, 9 May 2015

Belated Easter fun, growing, changing and loving!

Not even a little bit happy about her
bunny ears...  
Well, it's been a while (again) and a lot has changed (again) and Harper is growing by what seems like the second! She is still not big by any means - at 19lbs 11oz and 73cm long, she's a diddy dot - but so much bigger than she was yesterday, or she feels like it anyway.
She's saying more and more words, and knows the sign for Mr. Tumble now too - and she's enjoying her sing and sign classes (well, she's enjoying crawling around and causing havoc, I am the one doing more of the singing and the signing).
She's growing in to a proper little kidlet now, and looking less like a baby, she isn't quite walking, she's taken a few steps here and there but she's not really got the confidence to let go of things as she walks, but she's a bit of a pro when it comes to running the walker/pram/anything that holds her up in to my ankles - and thus we are learning the meaning of the word 'no', so much so that I think perhaps she thinks it's her name?
After the results of the recent general election, I'm a little bit torn as to what to do with her education, but I suppose I have plenty of time to think about it still. I am however beginning to find little montessori activities for her to do to keep her entertained and busy. She loves helping and she loves the phone too, she will have a real conversation with her toy phones, the remote pressed to her ear and most recently, a banana and it makes me wonder if perhaps I talk to much! She holds it to her ear and says 'Iya!! *insert loud, baby noises and chatter with the occassional word thrown in* BAH! *waving*' and then the phone gets chucked on the floor normally - to start the process again. She's so entertaining these days and an absolute joy to watch!
Brushing Rigby, immensely proud of herself!
Her and our dog Rigby are best friends, even closer than they were before - unfortunately we lost our beautiful little black and white cat who was very tolerant of an overly excited and loving baby and we all felt the loss, even Harper did I think. But Rigby is brilliant with her, of course she's never left alone with him, but they play together and they have their
morning nap together and it's just beautiful!
I'm going to leave you with a beautiful picture of them napping together for now - but I'll be back soon (probably not!)

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