Monday, 24 November 2014

Baby wearing and festivities!

We have been having adventures in baby wearing since my last post, I got my first tula a couple of weeks ago and we haven't used the pram since! I love it! It's supportive, it's comfy for me and for Harper and it's good for her legs. You can front and back carry with it (though we've only been so brave as to try front carrying so far) and it's lovely! Harper never sleeps in her pram she gets cross and whines about being tired, but never sleeps, yet we have had none of that using the tula at all! I am so impressed by it, I love it!
I haven't posted in a little while because my computer is out of commission, so I am currently posting in my phone (which is a pain in the bum). We have got the tree and some lights up now though, and Harper has just turned 8 months! She's growing so fast!
Hopefully my computer will be fixed soon and I can wrote a better post, but for now I can thoroughly recommend the tula baby carrier!

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